Cathal's Way

Weight Management Consultant


First let me introduce myself. My name is Cathal O’Shea. I am 36 years of age, married with three children, and live in Belgooly, County Cork. I worked until recently as an auctioneer with an estate agent in Cork City. Nothing remarkable there.

In September of 2008 I tipped the scales at a life threatening 35 stone. My life was dictated by my weight. My condition affected every aspect of my life. I could not sleep properly and I lacked the basic energy to get through the normal day. Even social outings had to be planned with precision as there were pubs and restaurants which I could not go to and I had to be extra careful about parking my car to ensure I had enough space to get out of the vehicle. My home life suffered too as I was unable to interact in any meaningful way with my kids when it came to activities.

It began to dawn on me last autumn that my weight was ruining my life. The property business went into rapid decline and the future looked bleak for everyone. For me it was especially bleak because my weight rendered me unemployable. The straw that broke the camels back for me was when I was unable to fit into a shower cubicle in a Co. Kerry hotel. As I washed myself in the sea I resolved to change my life.

One year later I weighed in at 14.5 stone. My life has been transformed and my mental and physical health has improved out of recognition. I lost the weight the old fashioned way by controlling my diet with healthy wholesome foods and a generous sprinkling of determination. I attended a weight loss clinic which provided excellent support, but I believe the prime motivator has to come from inside the person who wants to shed the weight.

I have attracted a lot of attention from the media since shedding the weight which culminated in an appearance on The Late Late Show. Since then I have been inundated with calls from well wishers and from those seeking help and guidance in losing weight. Happily, I have been able to help a number of people to steadily loose weight and found guiding and motivating people has come naturally to me. The calls have been coming in such numbers that I have found it difficult to respond to people in my spare time, so I have decided to set up a weight management clinic in Riverstick, Cork, which is called Cathals Way. If any body wishes to contact me for help they can do so by phone on 086 2486496 or e-mail

Kind Regards
Cathal O’Shea